How to launch the official youtube app from your app

How to launch the official youtube app from your app



Since this morning, ‘metro tube’ developers enable third-party developers to use their app to play youtube video instead of embed a custom youtube player in their applications.

This is cool, but personally, I won’t do that, cause I trust only the official player for several reasons:

  • It’s supported by Microsoft, more stable and less risky, ‘Metro tube’ using a hack to retrieve Urls of the mp4 video, it happened several times in the past that the application no longer works for days, a good way to have negative comments in your own application.
  • There is a risk that the application be removed by Youtube for non-compliance with the youtube TOS
  • Metro tube is a paid application, I do not want to impose this on my users.
  • Other apps can use the same protocol extension and can be crappy
The question now is:

How to launch the official player?

For this, you only need to use the protocol extension of the official application:

So create a launcher et use the youtube video id as a parameter.

For example, the video id of is ‘9bZkp7q19f0’ :


new System.Uri("")


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