How to upload a picture on instagram from your app using 6tag

How to upload a picture on instagram from your app using 6tag

6tag, my new client application for Instagram is now released. It enables you to upload pictures and video on instagram, but also facebook, flickr, tumblr, etc… as well as use filters to get the best picture ever.

If you want add this functionality to your windows phone 8 app, no problem, I created a uri protocol for that !

The uri protocol

Here is the uri protocol to use to share image using 6tag

  • crop : display the crop/zoom page to create a 612*612 picture, then filter, then upload page
  • filter : display directly the filter page, picture must be square, then the upload page
  • direct : display directly the upload page, picture must be a square
picture-name: name of the picture in the media library
your-app-id: the product id of your app, to promote it in a upcoming page “app that use 6tag”

How to save picture in media library?

To share an image with 6tag, the image must be saved in the media library of the phone.

Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.MediaLibrary medialibrary = new Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.MediaLibrary();
medialibrary.SavePicture("MonApp-" + imageId, streamOfThePicture);

How to launch 6tag to share picture ?


Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri("sixtag://upload/crop/"+HttpUtility.UrlEncode(picturename)+"/"+HttpUtility.UrlEncode(appid)));

How much it costs ?

Nothing for the developer, nothing for the user, upload pictures is included in 6tag for free without in-app purchase and without limit.


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