Use Flurry on a Windows 8 app & Windows Phone 8.1 app

Use Flurry on a Windows 8 app & Windows Phone 8.1 app

Flurry is a popular mobile analytics service used on many ios/android and windows phone application. To be honest, I use it on all my windows phone apps.

But what about Windows 8?

If you try to add an application on the flurry website, here is what you see:


Surprise! Flurry supports BlackBerry but not Windows 8…

No… but yes

In reality, Flurry really supports Windows 8, it’s just hidden (very hidden to be honest).

Just take the Windows Phone URI:

remove “Phone”

and it will works!


once your app created, you will be able to download the SDK:


So why?

The Windows 8 SDK has been launched 2 years ago in Beta but strangely, Flurry has never released it in public, but you can use it without problem, it’s used right now on “Age of Empire” for example and other on important applications/games


The SDK is a windows runtime component, so works without problem on windows phone 8.1 apps!

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