Why Silverlight 8.1 doesn’t display splashscreens on 1080p devices

Why Silverlight 8.1 doesn’t display splashscreens on 1080p devices

It was a mystery for me, some of my 6tag and 6tin users report me a problem with splashscreens never displayed, problem: I broke my Lumia 1520 (RIP) so no way to test it.

So I tried to find a solution: “try to close the app”, “restart your phone”, but their answers were always the same “nothing changes…”. So I went to a Microsoft Store to test it myself and yes, 6tag and 6tin splashscreens were not displayed, but I was not alone, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc… ALL Silverlight 8.1 apps had this issue…

What about the documentation?

Let check the MSDN documentation:

How to create a splash screen for Windows Phone

Nothing on it

Multi-resolution apps for Windows Phone 8

“Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will default to using the 720p splash screen file on a 1080p phone”… Cool, but it doesn’t work on 8.1 devices…

I searched during 10 minutes, no documentation, no feedbacks on stackoverflow, MSDN forums, reddit, etc…

So what is the solution?

I tried a lot of solution, add a splashscreen in the Package.appxmanifest, etc… and after a long time, I succeed.

Contrary to 8.0 devices, you need to add a specific file for 1080p splashcreens, this file must be named “SplashScreenImage.screen-1080p.jpg” and must be at the root folder of your project. The image size is 1920×1080 pixels.


Once done, your splashscreen will be well-displayed on 1080p devices!


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