More analytic data for your UWP apps

More analytic data for your UWP apps

If you go on the, click on your app then on analytics, you’re able to see some stats about your downloads:



You can see stats for each OS, but what about if you want to see stats about type of devices: mobile, desktop, xbox, hololens?

Stats by device type

To have this kind of information, you can go on:

then click on change filter


Select your application and click on device type:


You will be able to filter your stats by type of devices, including tablets!

Be careful, there is a little bug right now, Xbox acquisitions are listed in “Other” instead of “Console” for acquisitions.

Once done, for each type of devices, you will have access to some very useful information:

  • Acquisitions graph (30 days)
  • Total lifetime app acquisitions
  • Failure hits (72 hours)
  • Total user sessions (30 days)
  • Ratings (30 days)
  • Top add-ons (30 days)

OS + device type?

There is no easy way to have these stats, but you can do it yourself, go on:

and download the .tsv file (csv file with tabs) and open it with Excel, you will be able to create your own charts depends of these criteria (if your application is popular, it can take some minutes to create them)


Merry Christmas!

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