XboxKeyControl v2: add a secondary theme

XboxKeyControl v2: add a secondary theme

I’ve recently posted a control I created allowing developers to display Xbox keys on their XAML application.

I received some interesting feedback from developers using it, in particular a developer requested me to provide a second theme for this control, using a dark background for buttons (similar to real Xbox gamepad keys) instead of colored backgrounds. Even if I prefer to use colored background (better readiness in my opinion), I get his point and understand why some developers would prefer to use buttons with a look similar to gamepad controllers.

So I made some little change to the control in order to add a new property Theme allowing you to select between the 2 themes (by default, the control will display colored backgrounds)

Here is how to use it:

First add XBoxKeyControl.xaml and XBoxKeyControl.xaml.cs and then write:

<control:XboxKeyControl Symbol="A" />
<control:XboxKeyControl Symbol="B" Theme="DarkBackground" />

Sample + Source code

You can download the new version of this control as well as a sample app here:
Xbox Key

The code and the sample are of course open-source (like all of my other controls) with MIT license.

Extra: Why do I use a XAML control instead of PNGs?

I received this other interesting feedback from a French developer working on xbox apps. I try to do my best to always select vectorial assets when it’s possible. With the release of the Xbox one X 2 weeks ago, it’s really something we should take into account, in order to provide the best user experience whatever the screen resolution.

Have fun

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