Instagram & hashtags problem

Instagram & hashtags problem

Hello all, here is a summary of the instagram & tags story. Currently, if you use an app like Instance/Instapic/2instawithmassivelove or an other unofficial instagram app (except 6tagram and Instagraph (but not everytime)), your account is flagged as “suspicious”. For windows phone, only 6tagram and oogl manage it

What is “suspicious” ?

When your account is marked as suspicious by instagram, you can post pictures, etc.. but your posts will be hidden from other users when they search a hashtag. Example: – post a picture and add the hashtag #TestSuspicious is the caption. – search the hashtag #TestSuspicious => your picture is not visible Hard to become popular if nobody can see your picture using hashtags

But, If I use an official app or 6tagram after?

This is the bad news, once your account is marked as suspicious, you’re posts will be hidden for days, even if you use an official app to post and even your new posts!

How long is lasts?

First feedbacks said 7 days, we need to test it to be sure

If I post a picture with 6tagram, can I be marked as suspicious?

No, cause, it’s the only app that manage this security. But as soon as you use an other unofficial app, you will be marked as suspicious.

Why Instagram do that?

To prevent ad-spam & spam-bots, it’s something logic, no need to blame them. Other apps doesn’t well implement the security stack, this is why there are considered as potentially spam-bots.

What can I do ?

First, stop using other apps and log out you. Once log out, your account will become ‘normal’ after 7 days, after that, you will be able to post picture with hashtags using official apps or 6tagram. BUT !!!! To work, the app you used need to send the logout request to Instagram, not just removing credential and cookies. It’s not the case of Instance and Instapic. If developers of these apps doesn’t add it, you can be marked as suspicious for a long long time PS: adding the logout request will not ¬†fix the security problem of these apps, you won’t be able to post pictures with tags from these apps